Modbus OPC DA/AE Server R2019

Modbus OPC Server Suite supports all modbus protocols in serial and ethernet connections. Data sharing is a very simple and useful feature that allows you to share data among all devices in the network, it can move data from devices in one channel to devices in other channels. It also includes a virtual weather station pulling data from the World Weather Online, Sign up for your free trial.
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With a dashboard design to quickly see what's occurring in your network. The fundamental feature of this product is that its built on simplicity. The Easy2Use user interface makes it a 1.2.3 for companies to setup their SCADA network. Use the built-in link wizard to add your links, devices and points/tags. You can also import tags from in *.xls format from other OPC servers. More features outlined below.

Supported Modbus Functions

  • Function 0x01 (Read Coils)
  • Function 0x02 (Read Input)
  • Function 0x03 (Read Holding Registers)
  • Function 0x04 (Read Input Registers)
  • Function 0x05 (Write Single Coil)
  • Function 0x06 (Write Single Register)
  • Function 0x15 (Write Multiple Coils)
  • Function 0x16 (Write Multiple Registers)

Link Capabilities

  • Multiple sockets support
  • Diagnostics
  • Statistics
  • Read-only capability
  • Ability to change the poll rate

Data Sharing

With this feature you can move data across the entire server network. This means that if you need to ensure that several pieces of equipment have the same setpoints, you can enable this feature and just write the value to a single main controller and the rest of the controllers will pickup the new value.

  • Move data from one device to another
  • Move data from one link to another
  • Enable and disable feature
  • Data is moved every 5 second (default)

Device Features

These are some of the features that each device has when create on our server.

  • Address block settings
  • Auto demotion
  • Fail-Over to backup IP device
  • Simulation
  • Read and connection timeout adjustments
  • Modbus Features
    • Write values using multiple functions
    • 32 bit data support
    • All three protocol support in a single link
    • RTU over TCP
    • ASCII over TCP
    • Modbus or Enron support
  • Install location and running program

Points and Tags

  • Data scaling support
  • Decimal to floating point scaling
  • Alarm and Event support
  • Email notifications
  • Simulation
  • Read-Only, Read/Write Modes
  • Output conversion functions


Able to group points and sub points for easy understanding and to represent the actual field installation. For example: if a PLC is controlling a machine and its also polling information from two other machines, it is ideal to add those point in a group. Although in the PLC the points will occupied local memory but physical its not. Therefore, we use a group to add those local PLC addresses and represent them as a sub device points.

Below is an image of what we are talking about. Actuator1 is shown as an external device, however, the points reside in ModbusDevice5.


Statistical View

View each link poll turnaround time to see where is your network slow. Each link has an adjustable poll rate.

Live View

View your data from the server, ensure your links are configured correctly.

Online Weather Data

Pull your temperature and humidity data from the internet and write it to your weather station device. Account registration required.

Native floating point support 32bits

The server supports native 32 bits and decimal floating points. Dual integer for floating calculation and decimal calculation as 500*0.01 to convert to 50.0

Available Licenses

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  • 4 Links (RTU, ASCII, TCP)
  • 5000 Tags/Points
  • FREE Email Support
  • Download Trial

Note:If you don't see your license option here, please send us an email or submit a support ticket. License by tag also available, great to purchase for the amount you need.

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