Integrated Maintenance Solution

Integrated Maintenance Solution (IMS) is a modern and integrated CMMS System to manage your asset maintenance and work order system. You can integrate it with any BMS System including our own Condition Based Maintenance Application.

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The IMS Application was design with compliance in mind. A work order system that provide users the ability to manage daily work via work orders and scheduled PM, PdM, and Inspections. It can also be expanded to manage projects via Gantt view, and shutdowns.


Create work orders, provide users with a work order portal. Implement maintenance plan for frequent PMs, and Inspections.


1. Schedule your work with a known resource hour.
2. Schedule your work with the right materials and have them ready ahead of time.
3. Schedule your work and view it in a calendar view.
4. Much more...


1. Design basic list reports.
2. Design advance report and Pivot Tables.
3. Much more...

Demo App

You can test drive the limited demo version of the IMSApp at the following url, click here

For login, please use user name: demouser and password: demouser.


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