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Modbus communication made easy!

We specialize in industrial automation Modbus® communication protocols. From the old ways Modbus ASCII (serial) to the new way Modbus TCP (Ethernet)

With over 15 years of experiance in industrial automation communication, we can help you and your team with any modbus related projects. Please email us or create a submit a support question, we can help you! Advice are FREE! While you browse our site, please check out our new Modbus OPC Server Suite (Low cost) to meet your budget! Also check out our CBM Application, and OPC Client that helps you monitor your system for specific conditions based on your custom rules...

Project Tracker 2K

Manage your projects with pin-point accuracy and give your staff the ability to succeed!

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As little as $39.99/month per project with unlimited users!

Modbus OPC Server R2019

Kinemics Modbus OPC Server is designed to make your system migration easy and simple. With a dashboard design to quickly see what's occurring in your network. The fundamental feature of this product is that its built on simplicity. The Easy2Use user interface makes it a 1.2.3 for companies to setup their SCADA network. Use the built-in channel wizard to add your channels, devices and points/tags. You can also import tags from in *.xls format from other OPC servers. More features outlined below.

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Go to our online help » Get help with setting up your Modbus OPC Server software.

OEM customization available for approved customers. Display your company name instead of ours!

Condition Based Maintenance

Create maintenance plans with rules for any system, connect to any SCADA or BMS System via OPC DA 2.0. Send email notification with meaningful information. Monitor your systems at a set interval to detect system failures before they occur! Save money and improve system reliability to avoid premanture breakdowns.

Learn how to setup maintenance plan to monitor your system for compliance to ensure they are operating as designed!

  • Generate meaningful alarms and events
  • Monitor your equipment MTBF, Availability, etc.
  • Provide your team with system information at the time of the event
  • Create your own rules for any plans
  • And more...

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Register and create your support ticket if you are interested or would like to learn more.

Generate meaningful alarms, and alert to allow your team to respond to issue with a plan of action. Create troubleshooting views that allow your team to see system conditions at the time of the failure or event. Online portal to manage your systems from anywhere...

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Web Service Api for TRiPLC (TBasic!)

Program your (Nano10, EZWire1616, etc.) PLC to connect directly to a remote web service and perform the following functions.

  • Send Email Notification
  • Implement Datalogging
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Custome Web base HMI
  • Custom Programming and Functionality Available Upon Request

Screenshot of the TBASIC code sample

Email us at for more information!

Industrial Programming

Need a custom solution for your system, we can help!

  • Programmed PLC for specific function
  • Merge 3rd party controller with your existing network.
  • Data mover and data loggers
  • Protocol converters (Modbus to BacNet, BacNet to Modbus, Modbus RTU to TCP)
  • Web service for plc devices, sample coming soon! For more details, email us at or create a service ticket.
  • And more...

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